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Composite Veneers

  What are Composite veneers? Composite veneers are carried out using composite resin, which is a tooth-coloured filling material. Composite comes in a number of shades and therefore can be used to make teeth look whiter. The composite is artistically built directly onto the tooth surface then shaped and polished to improve the shape and/or […]

Dental Implants

What are dental implants? Dental implants are the modern day solution for missing teeth. A dental implant is a titanium metal rod which is placed into the jawbone. It is used to support one or more crowns. Are implants safe and how long do they last? We offer a Life Time Guarantee on all Dental […]

Facial Rejuvenation

  Non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as Botox and fillers, can be used to alter your appearance without the need for surgery. They are a popular alternative to surgical procedures. Different non-surgical procedures are carried out in hospitals, clinics and beauty salons by doctors, dentists, nurses and beauty therapists. You should make sure that the person offering the treatment is adequately […]

Stain Removal

What is cosmetic stain removal? This is a procedure carried out by our dentist or dental hygienist (also known as Jet polishing) which aims to remove most if not all of the superficial stains on your teeth, giving them a brighter appearance.  It is a cheaper alternative to tooth whitening but can still be very […]

Tooth straightening

Why Oralign orthodontic appliances? Are you unhappy with how straight your teeth appear? Many people hide their smile for years because they think treatment will take a long time and be expensive. With an Oralign appliance you can have a cost-effective and speedy solution to help you smile with confidence again. ‘Oralign Original’ can straighten […]

Tooth Whitening

What is tooth whitening? Tooth whitening can be a highly effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. Why would I need my teeth whitened? There are a number of reasons why you might get your teeth whitened. Everyone is different; and just as our hair […]

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