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You make me smile again. To be honest i highly recomend my dentist's professionalism, hygiene, friendly with a very lovely staff in the clinic thx again. what we expect more?
NHS choices website 17/2/15
Friendly. Welcoming. Comfortable Really pleased to get my teeth finally sorted. The dentist was very thorough. Staff were all welcoming. Thank you so much.
NHS choices website 20/3/15
I am a new patient at Newcastle Dental Care and am very happy with the treatment that I have received. There is always a wide range of appointment times available, so there is a convenient time to make an appointment for. All staff are very friendly and welcoming which is exactly what you want when registering at a new practice. The dentist gives great advice and is always willing to help with queries. I am pleased that I chose NDC as my dental practice while at University and would highly recommend it to any new patients.
NHS choices website 10/12/2014
Found staff very friendly. Practice very clean and modern. The dentist was very thorough and explained everything to me. I felt much at ease and not nervous at all. I was very happy with my treatment and would recommend this practice and the dentist to anyone. Thank you ndc!!.
NHS choices website 7/10/14
Great service. I really can't fault this practice. Booked my appointment due to pain I was having. Dentist was very thorough explaining everything and sorted the problem out . The treatment was painless! I couldn't believe it. Would definitely recommend
NHS choices website 12/4/15
After having had a bad experience with my last dentist i went to Newcastle dental care on a recommendation from a friend. The dentist was completely understanding and so gentle.I would recommend this practice to anyone !
NHS choices website 15/11/13
Great dentist, great staff, great surgery! I have been a patient at newcastle dental care for about 3 years and on every visit I have not been let down! The surgery is very clean and the staff are very friendly! Every appointment has been on time. My dentist is very kind and has completed all my treatments and dental work to a very high standard! I highly recommend this dental practice.
NHS choices website 21/2/15